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Top Ten Western Farmer’s Markets

Musician at the Missoula Farmers MarketThis is pretty cool. Sunset Magazine recently named the Missoula Farmers’ Market as on of its top ten western farmers’ markets.

According to Sunset magazine, the scene consists of…

A mix of ranchers and college kids, families and hippies, sipping coffee from the local Butterfly Herbs cart and enjoying an old-fashioned sense of community

…and the find is..

Huckleberries in high summer–this is Montana, after all–framed [sic] by Southeast Asian Hmong and sold in unsealed zip-lock bags so these wild, intense, just-sweet-enough beauties can breathe

We’re thinking that they meant to use the word “farmed” instead of “framed” in their find comment above. If so, they are in error. Huckleberries are not farmed, they are picked in the wild. Huckleberries have not been domesticated so farming them is not an option.
Nevertheless, fresh huckleberries from the Missoula Farmers’ Market is definitely one of the top finds at our local market.
Sadly, they left out the “other” markets that takes place at the same time in Downtown Missoula, the Clark Fork River Market and the Peoples Market (also known as the Missoula Saturday Market).
Regardless, during Spring, Summer, and fall, Downtown Missoula is the place to be on Saturday mornings.