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A New Low in Bad Missoula MLS Photos

We’ve reached a new low in bad listing photos here in the Missoula MLS.
We recently noticed a new listing in the Missoula area MLS that we had listed and tried to sell back in 2007. It didn’t sell back then and the seller decided to take it off the market. Apparently, the seller has decided to try again and has chosen to go with another agent. No biggie – this is quite common in the real estate biz.
Anyway, as we were checking out the photos of this new listing our first thought was how bad the photos were. Our second thought was that the photos looked awfully familiar, so we checked our original listing in the MLS and lo and behold, some of the photos in the new listing had been taken from our original listing.
But wait, our photos were pretty good and the new, “pirated” photos were pretty bad, really bad. Upon closer examination, we realized that these new “pirated” photos had not been downloaded from the MLS but that they had been scanned from one of our old flyers from when we had the listing. Yep, the new listing agent got a copy of one of our old flyers (presumably from the seller) that looked like it had been folded up and stuck in a drawer. They then proceeded to scan the flyer (creases and all) and post these scanned images to the new listing in the MLS.
And here’s the proof. The photo gallery below contains 5 pairs of photos. The first photo in each pair is from the new listing in the MLS; the second photo in each pair is a screen shot from the original pdf document we used to print our flyer back in 2007. Click on any photo below to browse through the gallery and see for yourself.
This is about as lame as it gets for a listing agent and in our opinion, is a new low for lowering the bar in the Missoula real estate industry. What do you think?